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Bunge chief on future of crop supplies – FT

“Is the era of tight supplies of agricultural commodities finally over?” Soren Schroder, Bunge chief, gives FT markets reporter Gregory Meyer his verdict on the future supply and price volatility of agricultural commodities, and whether the Black Sea region’s importance … Continue reading

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Who’s Exposed to China?

Good piece over at the FT’s beyondbrics blog on which emerging markets are exposed to China.   The table below looks at non-farm commodity exports (NFC) and share of exports to China as a percent of GDP.  The higher the score … Continue reading

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Minerals of the Future

Nice infographic from the IMF’s Finance and Development.   Did you know that Canada and Russia produce 50 percent of the world’s potash?   You do now! Click to enlarge and for better resolution. (click here if infographics are not observable)

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Fall in copper price leaves Chile reeling – AJ

(click here if video is not observable)

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Correction Time? Now or Never…

The S&P500 had its worst daily decline for the year.  The VIX spiked over 19 percent, its biggest 1-day increase in 2013.  The dollar index closed at its highest level since November 16th,  which was the day the S&P500 bottomed … Continue reading

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QE3 Will Complicate Global Food Crisis

There is no doubt in our minds that some of the QE3 liquidity will leak into agricultural commodities.  In addition, a portfolio reallocation will take place as investors look to protect their purchasing power through buying finite “things.” This will … Continue reading

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Fed Ready to Fire Up the Printing Press

As we assess the benefits and costs of alternative policy approaches, though, we must not lose sight of the daunting economic challenges that confront our nation. The stagnation of the labor market in particular is a grave concern not only … Continue reading

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Parabolic Moves and Gold

The Fed finds itself extremely unlucky once again as it talks up quantitative easing while food prices, mainly wheat and corn,  are making a parabolic and historic move as crops suffer from extreme drought.   You can’t prove causation with … Continue reading

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The Next Hot “Emerging Market”

NASA just released new pictures of what we think will be the next hot emerging market.  The picture wreaks of resources that can feed China and the developed world’s  insatiable demand for commodities.   It may take a few years but … Continue reading

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The Ideal Portfolio: Gold, Sugar, Bunds & Francs

Imagine your investment adviser proposing a sweetened barbell portfolio of gold, white sugar, Swiss francs, and German bunds in 2007 with a 5-year time horizon.   You would of likely canned the wacko faster than they sold Nike stock last week. … Continue reading

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