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Hollande’s tricky balancing act – FT

The FT’s Paris bureau chief Hugh Carnegy assesses what the Cabinet reshuffle by French president Francois Hollande – after disastrous elections for the Socialists – means for the economy and business. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit … Continue reading

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France urges softer approach to austerity

Germany is facing stiff resistance from France to ease back on austerity as Europe’s leaders gather in Brussels for another EU summit. French President François Hollande has called for the emphasis to shift to boosting growth in indebted eurozone economies. … Continue reading

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Bundesbank’s frosty outlook

The head of Germany’s central bank is warning the eurozone crisis is not over and governments must tackle the roots of their troubles with reforms – pointing the finger particularly at Italy, Cyprus and France. (click here if video … Continue reading

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Stratfor: France’s Economic Challenges in 2013

Year to date France’s 10-year sovereign spread is 10 bps tighter to the German Bund and the CAC 40 stock index is almost almost 4 percent.  No worries, mate.   Not yet. Stratfor Europe analyst Adriano Bosoni discusses France’s challenge to … Continue reading

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Ciao, Mario Monti!

This is not good.  Not totally unexpected.  Cue Italy and France in 2013.  Maybe. (click here if video is not observable)

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DAX and CAC Break Out

The girls with the Draghi Tattoo are breaking out. That is,  the German DAX and French CAC stock indexes are making  new highs.   Ever since the ECB’s Mario Draghi  “whatever it takes to preserve the euro” speech,  these markets have performing … Continue reading

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French Unemployment Still Rising

France’s unemployment rate has risen again, with the picture particularly bleak for young people… Using International Labour Organisation measurements, the jobless total reached 10.3 percent of the workforce in the third quarter of this year. The rise in youth unemployment … Continue reading

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Economist Special Report: France

The video is a follow-up of  our post last week. France is slowly heading towards a crisis, says John Peet. Can the country be reformed before it is too late? (click here if video is not observable)

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France Pushes Back on the Moody’s Downgrade

 This downgrade does not raise a question-mark over the fundamental economics of our country, nor the reforms undertaken by the government, nor our good reputation for borrowing. – Pierre Moscovici, French finance minister France’s 10-year government sovereign spread to the … Continue reading

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France’s AAA Moody Blues The credit ratings agency Moody’s has stripped France of its prized triple A rating, cutting it by one notch to AA1. The agency said an uncertain fiscal outlook and a deteriorating economy were behind the decision for the downgrade … Continue reading

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