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Greek debt swap deadline looms

This is one of the biggest risks to the markets. Things could get ugly and if it falls apart due to an abundance of free riders and/or too many vultures holding out for full payment,  head for the bunker.   Stay … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria: Interview with George Soros

Here is Fareed’s interview with George Soros from a couple weeks ago that we’ve been meaning to post and thought you’d find interesting.   We suspect the 15 minutes you spend watching it will return a nice dividend.   Enjoy. (click here … Continue reading

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Macrosynergy’s Excellent Return in a Very Difficult 2011

Our friends over at  Macrosynergy Partners had a very nice 2011, posting a stellar return of 9.22 percent.   Even more impressive considering, according to the FT,  that half the hedge funds were down for year and more than two thirds … Continue reading

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