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Sarkozy: Europe “morally obliged” to help Greece

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Ingersoll-Rand Warns, Stock Swan Dives

Here’s what they said: Revenues were negatively affected by slower than expected end-markets in several businesses. Consumer-related businesses, such as residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), golf and residential security, were the most significantly affected, accounting for the majority … Continue reading

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QE and the “Crowding Out” of the Bond Market Vigilante

We’ve updated our chart of the sources of financing of the U.S. budget deficit from the Fed’s Flow of Funds data released on September 16th.   The chart illustrates how the Fed and foreign central banks have been indirectly fully … Continue reading

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Angry Greeks Protest Arrival of Trioka

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Third Macro Panda Huffs and Puffs…

Over the weekend we posted a piece on the three McBears weighing on global markets.  As all eyes continue to focus on Europe the third macro bear — China — is beginning to growl a little louder.   Greece is no … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: Nanotube Cables to Replace Copper?

In the midst of the current swan dive in copper prices Technology Review reports the following, For the first time, researchers have made carbon-nanotube electrical cables that can carry as much current as copper wires. These nanotube cables could help … Continue reading

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Austerians Rising

Interesting chart from the Economist.  Note the Brits are  much less supportive of spending cuts as they are actually experiencing the pain of an austerity program.  In other countries austerity is more of a concept than a reality. The Economist … Continue reading

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Problems in China’s Financial Sector Escalate

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Is the Fed Contributing to the Credit/Mortgage Crunch?

One of the smartest hedge fund managers we know spends most of his day locked away in his office analyzing how the market consensus could be wrong.  He hangs with au contraire crowd, breaking bread with contrarians and demands you … Continue reading

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Disintermediation in China’s Banking System

The consequences of negative real interest rates and financial repression.   We know how this story ends.   Keep this one on your radar. (click here if video is not observable)

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