Weekend Lecture: Antifragility

Short, sweet, and social for the millennials this weekend.

Essayist Nassim Nicholas Taleb on how we can benefit from disorder.    –  AlJazeeraEnglish

(click here if video is not observable)

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5 Responses to Weekend Lecture: Antifragility

  1. mankul65 says:

    Seth Godin,in his book,The Icarus Deception says pretty much the same,viz we should consider doing projects that might fail.We all need at some point in our lives to step out of our comfort zones.

    • macromon says:

      Thanks for comments, Mankul. Taleb always thought provoking and certain in his convictions. Pain, though not pleasant, has its role. For example, lepers who feel no pain will rub their skin off from, say, sweeping a broom too long and too much.

  2. Prometheus says:

    Reblogged this on macromantics and commented:
    Nassim NIcholas Taleb has had one of the greatest influences on my thinking next to George Soros, I was fortunate enough to read the manuscript for Antifragility before it was published – check out his lecture on the topic!

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