Weekend Lecture: Federal Reserve – Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose

Here’s a good discussion on the Fed and the economy.   It aired on September 18th but still seems relevant.

A discussion about the Federal Reserve with Alan Blinder of Princeton University, David Leonhardt of the New York Times and Gillian Tett of the Financial Times. Ehud Barak, former Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister of Israel.

Click here for video

Oct18_Blinder(click here if photos are not observable)

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One Response to Weekend Lecture: Federal Reserve – Charlie Rose

  1. Maureen Leyva says:

    0% interest: A (senior) savers perspective on the damage of this policy.
    Seniors and savers who depend on their nest eggs are singularly exploited by government’s zero interest policy which results in loss of value of what they have in “safe” savings. Younger generations give up on any savings plans out of despair from seeing how their older family members lose the value of theirs.

    Seniors should not have to defend their savings by being forced into risky investments; they have all the burden of their money going to bankers and industry and none of the benefit of low interest loans, etc.

    Seniors are a vulnerable group who cannot actively fight this, and maybe, cannot believe their country would do this to them. The near 0 percent rate policy, now 5 years in existence, places them where certain poverty, thus a shortened life span, and miserable existence is certain. With this policy, cutting back on life’s basic enjoyments and necessities will only accelerate in their remaining lifetime and they are denied the modest life worked for and planned for. Some despair daily in the realization the future is so bleak.

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