The rise of the distorporation – Economist

Our correspondents discuss the evolution of a new breed of company in America and whether these organisations are tax and finance scams, or if they can actually contribute to the economy.   – Economist

(click here if video is not observable)

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2 Responses to The rise of the distorporation – Economist

  1. Larry W says:

    A most revealing article/video. It is an excellent argument to either reduce corporate taxes considerably or not tax corporations at all so all the money flows either to investors where it should be taxed as income whether a dividend or capital gains or it would flow to the economy through more investment and, therefore, jobs where it could be taxed as income again. Plus it would get rid of the corporate welfare and distortion that comes from tax loopholes for corporations.

  2. rod says:

    Some of these “distorporations” may have a place in our portfolios because of their high rates of payout, especially in the current low interest rate environment. And their price movements are not always highly correlated to the normal equity markets, which may also be attractive for portfolio protection. One interesting play is Geneva Advisors Equity Income fund as it seeks REITS and MLPs as a portion off its holdings.

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