Ten Strange Super Bowl Prop Bets

The following is a list combined from the Inquistr and CBS Sports:

  • The odds are 19 to one that some fan will troll Brady by tossing a deflated football to remind him of that debacle
  • The odds for the term “Deflategate” not being mentioned during the entire game by Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, or the sideline reporters are 8 to 1
  • The Atlanta Falcon’s coach is bald, so odds are 50 to one that he will wear a hair piece to the 2017 Super Bowl
  • Odds that he [Belichick] will wear a blue hoodie are at four to 11, Gray three to one, Red, 40 to one and Field 50 to one
  • The odds are over/under 1.5 on how many times the three words “President Donald Trump” are said during the broadcast of the Super Bowl
  • Lady Gaga saying the word “Trump” at any time during the halftime show for the Super Bowl are at nine to five
  • The odds are 10 to 13 that Lady Gaga will make a political anti-Trump statement during her performance
  • The odds of the singer suffering a wardrobe malfunction where an “intimate” part of her body gets exposed is at 15 to one
  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?
    God 2/1
    Team/teammates 2/1
    Coach 9/1
    Family 9/1
    Owner 9/1
    Donald Trump 20/1
    Does not mention anyone above 5/2
  • What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?
    Clear 3/1
    Lime/green 3/1
    Orange 3/1
    Yellow 3/1
    Red 6/1
    Blue 15/2
    Purple 12/1
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One Response to Ten Strange Super Bowl Prop Bets

  1. Larry R. Wagner says:

    Hilarious. >

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