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The Incredible Shrinking Relative Float of Treasury Bonds

Lot’s of hand wringing these days about the flattening yield curve.  We still maintain our position that the signal from the bond market is significantly distorted due to the global central bank intervention (QE) into the bond markets.   See here … Continue reading

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Dubai’s Robotic Police Force

Wow!  When is the last time you met a cop that spoke nine languages? Robocop On Wednesday, May 24, Dubai will launch a new police robot that marks the first phase of the integration of robots into the police force. … Continue reading

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Did Jacques Chirac Wreck A Plan To Exile Saddam to Saudi?

File this one under, “What If.” We have a very good source who tells us that the U.S. and the major European and Arab powers had a plan to exile Saddam Hussein to Saudi Arabia before the Iraq war began … Continue reading

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Emerging Market Dollar Bonds: An Option Based Analysis

In my prior life I used to trade emerging market (EM) bonds and came up with the following analytical framework using options analysis to understand and teach the basic fundamental principles of how to value EM hard currency bonds.   The … Continue reading

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US Sector ETF Performance – June 16

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Global Risk Monitor – June 16

Click on table to enlarge and for better resolution

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Happy Fathers Day! We’ve Got Some Wood to Chuck

The last words my father spoke to me before he died in 1996 was, [“Gregor], somebody is going to have to do something to help the poor.” Fast forward to 2017.   Never has the wealth gap in America been so … Continue reading

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We Call B.S. On The ‘Bots Again!

Before hitting the hay we need to call a big B.S. on the bastard ‘bots from Rip (Off) City.    They screwed us again yesterday (June 14) in crude oil futures. First, before we get into the trade,  a little … Continue reading

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The New Bond Math

Don’t you just love his homework assignment?

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Reflexivity And Why The Fed Must Sell The Long End

The yield curve is flattening like a pancake.   Tightening cycles tend to do that. Furthermore, the effective float of 10-year and longer U.S. notes and bonds is relatively small and greatly distorts the bond market signal.   We have written … Continue reading

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