COTD: Amazon Eating Retail


(COTD = Chart of the Day)

It’s important to note that Amazon still only boasts a 5 percent share of total retail sales, excluding food, across the country, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Sanderson said. – CNBC


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3 Responses to COTD: Amazon Eating Retail

  1. Shane says:

    Well their working on boosting their market share by purchasing directly from other retailers and selling it on its platform. Amazon prime (depending up on your annual Amazon spending) may or may not even get you an actual discount. This is the ultimate problem with this model. It doesn’t leverage market power, efficiency theory, or scale economics, because it can’t.

    • Shane says:

      Remember EBay stores? It won’t be that bad, but Bezos already wants do big Costco like stores in the future. So in the end it was a huge con to get market share. Uber also tried it and looks like it will fail. This isn’t capitalism, it’s the path of least resistance in the market. Why not an access or subscription model to Amazon’s site…not the prime con or whatever else, but just state that people should want to have this access and for us to continue providing it we must have honest revenue. That simple…

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