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Week In Review – February 23

Bonds Are The Dog Wagging The Equity Tail A relatively quiet week on a close-to-close basis as not much movement because of no move in the bond.  The bond-stock correlation is extremely high.   The bond and S&P500 have moved in … Continue reading

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Why Arming Teachers Is A Really Dumb Idea (In Pictures)

Sometimes you need a crayon to illustrate a simple point.  We will use pictures. Where is your market? And one reason why we have this: Looks like the useful idiots in Washington are still taking their dumb-dumb pills.   Queen Victoria

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Sector ETF Performance – February 23

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Global Risk Monitor – February 23

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Jumping On The Comeback Karl Train

Wow!  Seeing more of Karl since our post:  Karl, The Comeback Kid? Bloomberg just retweeted this: Maybe Karl Marx was right — Bloomberg View (@BV) September 26, 2017  

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Manhatten Rush Hour Before Uber

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The Coming “Socialist Wave” – NRA

You heard it here first, comrades! On Tuesday night we posted, Karl, The Comeback Kid? We intended to point out  what may be coming over the next decade as job-destroying automation through artificial intelligence and robotics accelerates and drives the … Continue reading

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Textbook Progression To A Bear Market

OK.  Not a bear market quite yet. The official level of the S&P500 for the current sell-off to morph into a bear market (down 20 percent from local high) is 2298.30, down 14.92 percent from today’s close.  The official correction … Continue reading

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Karl, The Comeback Kid?

Why do we think the world is about to see the resurrection of the “comrade culture club” over the next ten years? Make no mistake; there will be a visceral political reaction to the coming acceleration of  labor disrupting technology.  … Continue reading

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Historical Ranking of U.S. Presidents

Happy Presidents Day! The American Presidency was one of our favorite college courses, so we find the latest survey and rankings of American presidents (colored by quartiles) always interesting. The following table is the 2018 ranking of U.S. presidents by … Continue reading

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