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The New “Supply-Side Economics” Fueling Asset Bubbles

No, we are not talking about President Reagan’s supply-side economics — policies to increase productivity with the goal of increasing long-term aggregate supply or output while simultaneously reducing inflation. We now have a new kind of supply-side economics, just the … Continue reading

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Supply (lack of ) Driven Bull Market

I had an interesting conversation with an economist friend this morning about inflation and excess capacity. He sees no evidence of excess capacity in the U.S. economy, including the service sector, where he cannot find, say, a plumber for hire … Continue reading

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The 2012 Blind Side: China’s Housing Bust

As the world’s attention focuses on the death of Kim Jong Il and shorts keep piling up in the Euro,  China’s real estate bubble appears to have finally burst.   This is the one macro swan that could really smack developed … Continue reading

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Macro Notes from the Supply Chain

Here’s something from Digitimes that should be closely monitored: PCB suppliers see drop in 4Q11 orders Combined orders placed with Taiwan-based PCB manufacturers for the fourth quarter of 2011 are likely to slip 15% or more sequentially, according to industry … Continue reading

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The New Gold Rush?

Rare Earth (REE) stocks,  including Molycorp,  got hammered today and we added a little to our position.  These  stocks are over extended as most are up over 100 percent in the past month. We believe this story has legs and … Continue reading

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Watch These Levels

Is that it?  Is the sell-off over, new highs on the short-tem horizon? Nobody knows.  The recovery is a process and unfolds one step tick at a time. In our last Week In Review post, we noted, Only three times … Continue reading

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Watch These Spaces

It seems like an eternity since our January 28th Sunday night post, Watch This Space. The S&P500 had closed at the high of the day on Friday and also what was the high of 2018. We warned to watch the … Continue reading

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Start Of A Mean “Mean Reversion” In Stock Values?

Asset valuations, including stock prices, eventually revert to their long-term mean (average) valuation or at least attempt to if not interrupted by outside intervention, such as central banks.    It has been the major factor in the steep sell-off in … Continue reading

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Bonds Behaving Badly

We began the week with our Watch This Space post: Because the eurozone is where the big bond bubble lives. Though the euro periphery is now in Convergence 2.0 mode on hopes of eMac’s vision of a more integrated ‘zone, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – Jan 5

  What a first week to start the year.   Frothy the Snowman refuses to melt! Emerging markets still all the rage. No supply, my friends.  Global markets have gone parabolic. Fixed-income – Greece bond yields hit 12-year low as … Continue reading

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