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Manufacturing, construction and US jobs – FT

Good stuff from the FT’s Alphaville blog. Cardiff Garcia, FT Alphaville US editor, looks at the two economic sectors in the country responsible for the most jobs lost since the recession.  – FT (click here if video is not observable)

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The Chart: Construction Employment

Here is THE CHART which encapsulates the bullish cyclical macro story in the U.S. and illustrates how monetary policy is really starting to gain some traction in the real economy.  With 150K jobs created in the past five months the … Continue reading

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Construction Jobs Leading Nonfarm Payrolls

March lumber traded limit up today so we thought it is a good time to update our construction employment chart.   Many of the past months were revised up in the latest BLS release and the chart clearly shows the recovery … Continue reading

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Construction Employment Starting to Rebound

Though payrolls came in just below expectations, one positive take away from this morning’s data was the 30 thousand increase in construction jobs.   Almost all of the increase was in residential.   These are relatively well paying jobs compared to … Continue reading

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The Hammering of the U.S. Construction Worker

Tomorrow we get another look at the health of the U.S. labor market. We have posted several pieces about how employment in the construction sector has failed to recover.  Ironically, this is the one sector, which historically, has been most … Continue reading

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Will Construction Begin to Lead Job Creation?

Lots of chatter out there about a housing bottom and recovery.  Whether true or not the U.S. labor market sure could use one even though “residential building” employment as formally defined by the BLS is a surprisingly smaller share of … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: Drone High Rise Construction Workers?

Imagine if/when this becomes scalable.   Another potential example of the structural change taking place in the labor force and employment trends.  Remember the 11th Commandment:  Those who remain flexible shall not be broken (and better let your children grow up … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Construction Employment

Here’s a great chart from the BLS showing the collapse of construction employment from May 2006-10.  No surprise the largest declines are in the four housing bubble states — Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and California.   Stunning employment in this sector is … Continue reading

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Circus Trumps Politic

A thousand people in the street Singing songs and carrying signs Mostly say, hooray for our side  – Buffalo Springfield, 1967 File this one under political analysis. Not partisan as we try to keep our politics out of our analysis.  … Continue reading

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Building a Wall Between the U.S. and Mexico – Stratfor

Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie Thompson discusses the steps that would have to be taken before the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border could begin. For more analysis, visit:  

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