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The Dow of the Inaugural and First 100 Days

We quickly put together a table of the return on the Dow Jones Industrials Average after the first 100 days of presidential administrations,  the return on their Inauguration Day, and the return the day before the inaugural going back to … Continue reading

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Why Money Keeps Flowing Out of China – Bloomberg

Published on Jan 18, 2017 The outflow of Chinese capital hasn’t abated in the last few years, as a weak Yuan and slew of other hindrances perpetuate losses. QuickTake Q&A explains how these pressures continue to take a toll on … Continue reading

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TOTD: Who Owns The U.S. Equity Market?

(TOTD = Table of the Day)

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QOTD: IMF Economic Forecast

There is thus a wider than usual range of upside and downside risks to this forecast. A sustained non-inflationary growth increase, marked by higher labor force participation and significant expansion of the U.S. capital stock and infrastructure, would allow a … Continue reading

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Hot To Detect A Lie

Source:  Pinterest

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Securing the Presidential Inauguration – Stratfor

Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton examines the sophisticated interagency coordination involved in providing security for the approaching inauguration ceremony. For more analysis, visit:

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How Are Those “Crowded Trades” Doing?

We take a look here at what BofA/Merrill Lynch has surveyed as the “most crowded trades” in the market.  Most are taking on water as the crowd is leaning to the same side of the boat. Big losses for Japanese … Continue reading

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What’s Behind the Gold Rally?

Short covering in the bond market. Don’t believe it?  Check out the chart below. Gold is up 7.7 percent since the December 15 low the same day the 10-year Treasury yield peaked at 2.60 percent. Why are Treasuries rallying?   … Continue reading

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Reagan-Trump S&P500 Analog

Trump rally holding.  Now outperforming Reagan’s S&P by 3.13 percent after 47 days from election day.   Meaningless in terms of predicting future performance.  But, fun, no?

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