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POTD: Fire Storm

Picture of our old street after firestorm.  Every house on street wiped out.  Fate of our new home dependent on direction of wind and how hard it blows over next few days.   Advertisements

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Rome Is Burning

Caught up in NorCal fires and had to evacuate home. Looks like war zone.  Several neighborhoods burnt to ground with gas flaring off  like the Kuwaiti desert in Gulf War I. Back to you soon as we can.

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Week In Review – October 6

Global Stock Indices The global stock bull market continues like a full force gale with the emerging markets leading the way.  The grand narrative of the market is the synchronized global recovery and the hope for U.S. tax cuts. The … Continue reading

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Sector ETF Performance – October 6

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Global Risk Monitor – October 6


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QOTD: Sheep Logic

Active central bank Narrative construction in the service of their policy goals is a permanent change in our market dynamics.  – Ben Hunt, Epsilon Theory

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Coldplay And Chris Martin At Levi

Did Coldplay last night at Levi Stadium with a couple of borderline Millennials/iGenners.   Good kids.  Gives me hope for the future if they can find a way out of all the debt and public pension obligations we boomers have stuffed … Continue reading

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Fed Chair Watch

Warsh gaining momentum in prediction markets.

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COTD: Corporate Debt

No lack of supply/issuance in the corporate debt market.   No shortage of demand either. Lots of nuances in interpreting data, however.  First, much of debt going to financial engineering, i.e., stock buybacks.  Some of the supply is borrowing against capital … Continue reading

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Here Is Where The Volatility Is…

Unbelievable vol in the prediction markets over the next Fed chair. Checked last night and Neel Kashkari, the super dove,  was over 30 cents.   John Taylor, the rules-based Stanford prof,  was up around 20 cents.   Kevin Warsh, who leans hawkish … Continue reading

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