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Why Markets Believe Fat Tails Are Fairy Tales

Insana nails it. It is also called denial or the inability to distinguish between cyclical issues versus structural shifts, for example.   Such as using monetary policy to deal with demographic issues.   Stabilization policies or structural reform?   Call in the IMF … Continue reading

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Netflix Swan Dives After 1 Million Membership Miss

July 16, 2018 Fellow shareholders, We had a strong but not stellar Q2, ending with 130 million memberships. Membership growth was 5.2m, the same as Q2 last year, but lower than our 6.2m forecast.   –  Netflix Investor Relations Down 14 percent … Continue reading

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12 Ways To Make You Smarter

    Source:  WEF

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QOTD: The Good Ol’ Daze

Whether the problem is rising inequality, economic stagnation, or technological disruption, nostalgia offers relief from socioeconomic angst. But far from being innocuous, infatuation with a mythicized past is shaping our politics in dangerous ways, not least by creating fertile ground for jingoistic leaders … Continue reading

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Week In Review – July 13

Summary Italy and euro periphery continue to stabilize Turkey 10-year rates still blowing out, up almost 600 bps YTD U.S. corporate credit spreads tighter on the week Argentina IMF program starting to take hold as currency 6 percent stronger in … Continue reading

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Vive la France!

  Wow! Everybody got it wrong from the machines to the bookies.   There is hope for us mere humans. The ex-ante MIT Algo had France losing to Brazil in semi-finals.   The humans (bookies) had Brazil taking home the World Cup. … Continue reading

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Sector ETF Performance – July 13

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Global Risk Monitor – July 13

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Nonlinear Thinking 10 Future Technology Predictions

A bit dated but better late than never. These technologies all have staying power. They will affect the economy and our politics, improve medicine, or influence our culture. Some are unfolding now; others will take a decade or more to … Continue reading

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Reagan’s “Boy Wonder” Nails It On Trade

Excellent CNBC interview with David Stockman, President Reagan’s head of OMB, who speaks his mind and never holds back.    Some dismiss him as a perma-bear and doomsayer. We certainly don’t, just has been a bit early, like every analyst … Continue reading

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