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Vampire Squid Plagiarism & The 1962 Bear Market

Not that we discovered the similarities between the recent volatility shock and 1962 we certainly were the first to cite it and write it up.  Goldie cribbed our research. Only three times since 1950 has intraday volatility jumped so high … Continue reading

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Size of Global Economies – Nominal $ GDP (US$ billion)

Hat Tip:  Grace E.,  The Gorgeous Ginger From Maria Carillo

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World’s Fastest Growing Economies In 2018 – 2.0

Hot of the press! We have updated the latest 2018 and 2019-20 average annual forecasts and ranked the world’s country 2018 GDP forecasts in our ginormous table below. The data are from today’s release of the  April 2018 IMF’s World Economic … Continue reading

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Key Digit From Bank Earnings: Punk Loan Growth

Looks like our priors were correct.  The tax cut is morphing into nothing more than a financial engineering game.   The economics of corporations or the macro have not changed. Random thought:  We hear much about how the corporate tax cut … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead – FT

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The Looming Donnybrook Between Cyclical & Structural

This next quarter is going to be a major battle between the cyclical bulls and structural bears. Cyclical Bulls The bulls have the strength of current earnings, which may, or may not be priced (probably the later as the market is … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tax Cut Will Widen Trade Deficit

Last year’s Republican tax plan was hailed as a victory for US President Donald Trump, but it carries a hidden cost: a ballooning US trade deficit. As happened after Ronald Reagan’s cuts in the 1980s, Trump’s cut is almost certain … Continue reading

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In Theory: The Rise and Fall of GDP – Project Syndicate

We fully expect a “revolution” in the measurement of economic data as “big data” takes an increasing role in society and dominates metrics and measurements. It won’t be long before we have precision real-time measurements from everything to real economic … Continue reading

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Potemkin Trade Deals

What a farce. Why not just negotiate an increase in Korean imports of American flying cars and call it a victory?  Nothing here.  Move on. South Korea, meanwhile, negotiated a permanent steel-tariff exemption in exchange for allowing additional U.S. auto … Continue reading

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Atlanta Fed GDP Now

Looks like a giant downhill slalom.

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