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Option Value of Cash More Valuable When Scarce

Look at the date of the cash peak and trough. Not a perfect timing chart, but you know you’re in the zip code.  Unless, of course, this time is different. It could take more time this time, however. Advertisements

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Fed Day With Extremely Loose Financial Conditions

Today is the day,  folks. The consensus is the Fed announces the start of quantitative tightening (QT).   History in the making. Draining Liquidity Though monetary tightening officially began in December 2015,  this will be the first time the Fed drains … Continue reading

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Global Equities: Rockin’ In The Free World

Stunning table of the year-to-date returns of country ETFs coming to us via Charlie Bilello at Pension Partners. All the country ETFs are, should we say,  Rockin’ In The Free World, except for Russia, which has turned up and rockin’ the … Continue reading

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Asset Markets, The Sports Illustrated Jinx, And The Dodgers

Why do stocks and assets markets crash? Why is there is a Sports Illustrated jinx and magazine cover stories often signal a sign of a top or bottom of the subject being portrayed? Regression to the mean, or, more simply, … Continue reading

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Shanghai Breakout

Man, emerging market equities are in total beast mode. The emerging markets index MSCI Ishares ETF (EEM) is up almost 30 percent on the year.  Turkey and Argentian up almost 40 percent.  India,  Brazil, and Korea almost 20 percent. Emerging … Continue reading

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Trannies Reclaim 200-day, KOSPI Bounces

All the major U.S. stocks indices recovered from steep losses, and then some, after the North Korean missile test, though decliners slightly outpaced advancers on the NYSE. The Dow Transports, which led the recent bout of volatility, reclaimed its 200-day … Continue reading

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Head & Shoulders Everywhere!

We once heard the late Yale prof., Stephen Ross, say that “if you stare at the clouds long enough,  you can see pink elephants.” We kind of feel that way, though not completely, about seeing patterns in stock charts.

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Debate Within The FOMC: Bubblistas v. Efficient Marketistas?

We have finally made the time to more closely review the release of last week’s Fed minutes from the July 25-26 meeting.   We kind of like what we see. Debate Breaking Out Among FOMC Members? A debate appears to breaking … Continue reading

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Week in Review – August 18

Stock Indices Argentina stocks up big after the ruling coalition did better than expected in primary legislative elections last Sunday.  Emerging markets generally better bid than DMs.   Europe traded better as it looks the mighty Euro is taking a rest … Continue reading

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Transports And North Korea On The Radar

On August 1st we warned in our post, Watch This Space – Industrials v Transports, to monitor the Dow Industrials-Transports divergence: Not as relevant as it used to be,  but something to keep on your radar.  Transports approaching 200-day moving average … Continue reading

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