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Orwellian Monetary Policy

“Tightening is Easing” Since U.S. monetary policy began tightening in December 2015, the Fed has added liquidity to the financial system through interest payments to banks on excess reserves and has reduced its surplus to the Treasury adding to the … Continue reading

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Fed Ownership of Yield Curve and Balance Sheet Reduction

Here you have it, folks, a one stop chart. The chart below shows the total outstandings of Treasury bonds and notes,  the Fed ownership of the total maturities and percentage of outstandings in each year of maturity (note, the data … Continue reading

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The Chart That Floats Overvaluation

We hear a lot these days about how all assets are overvalued.  Very and don’t disagree. Lots of gurus and big money managers engaging in market crash talking.   Doubt it, but could be wrong.  Too much liquidity and cash in … Continue reading

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The Broken Bond Market

The Fed tightens on Wednesday and bonds rally.  What the hay? GaveKal, Jeff Gundlach,  and Jim Bianco nailed it in that every spec and their mother are/were short 10-year Treasuries. Source: Quandl (see here for interactive chart) But this is … Continue reading

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COTD: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism

On  FOMC eve we thought you’d find the following chart from the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report useful. The traditional discussion of monetary policy transmission emphasizes how changes in interest rates affect investment and consumption decisions.  These channels operate through … Continue reading

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U.S. Banks Primed And Ready To Roll – Expect the Unexpected

We’ve been busy crunching numbers on the consolidated balance sheet of U.S.-chartered depository institutions and comparing their mix of assets relative to their pre-crisis levels. The large U.S. banks begin reporting earnings on Friday. The Coming Credit Led Expansion Our … Continue reading

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Mr. “King Dollar” Takes The CEA

Congrats to Larry Kudlow,  a good guy (though a supply side ideologue),  as reports pour in that President-elect Trump will appoint him to head up the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA). He has always advocated a strong dollar, or “King … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Global Monetary System – LSE (MUST VIEW)

Published on May 10, 2016 Date: Tuesday 10 May 2016 Time: 10-11.30am Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building Speaker: Dr Raghuram Rajan Chair: Professor Erik Berglof The global financial crisis has shaken up the international financial architecture. Regulatory changes and unconventional … Continue reading

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Expectations of Fed rate rise drop – FT

US payroll numbers suggested that the unemployment rate tick up slightly from 4.9 to 5.0 per cent, while payrolls gained only 160,000 in April, the lowest in seven months. John Authers explains the implications on a possible Fed rate rise. … Continue reading

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Looser policy but a stronger euro – FT

The European Central Bank has sent bond yields tumbling through its attempts to stimulate the eurozone economy. Dan McCrum explains why, compared with the US, policy is not as loose as it may seem, and how the euro could strengthen … Continue reading

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