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Is the U.S. Government Bankrupt? Not Even Close.

We often hear the meme “the U.S. is the next Greece.”   “The government is insolvent.”  Complete nonsense. We tend to focus too much on the right side of the government’s balance sheet and not the left side — the … Continue reading

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The Broken Bond Market

The Fed tightens on Wednesday and bonds rally.  What the hay? GaveKal, Jeff Gundlach,  and Jim Bianco nailed it in that every spec and their mother are/were short 10-year Treasuries. Source: Quandl (see here for interactive chart) But this is … Continue reading

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Euro Debt Constraining Growth – FT

Ralph Atkins, the FT’s capital markets editor, discusses high private sector debt levels in the eurozone with Moritz Kraemer, S&P’s chief sovereign ratings officer. Mr Kramer says Europe is ‘in for the long haul’ on debt deleveraging. For more video … Continue reading

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WTF Were They Thinking?

That’s our System 1 (fast) thinking  kicking in after hearing the news of the Cyprus bail-in of depositors.  Our fast thinking really fears contagion and makes us want to vendere la casa!   We often get into trouble trading with … Continue reading

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Eurozone Sovereign Spreads Since Italy’s Election

ECB president, Mario Draghi, spoke in this morning’s press conference about how contagion has been contained in the eurozone bond markets since the Italian elections.   The data are in and he is right. The markets had closed before the election … Continue reading

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Who Owns the U.S. Treasury Market?

The 10-year Treasury bond yield traded at 2.03 percent today a level not seen since April 2012. We thought it’s a good time to revisit who are the major holders of U.S. Treasury securities.   Some of the data are … Continue reading

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VIX Has Largest Weekly Down Move Since Inception

The CBOE has a nice piece out noting this week’s 39.1 percent collapse in the VIX was the largest weekly percent down move since the index was launched in January 1990.  The week also saw record volume days for the … Continue reading

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Cue ‘Plan C’ Cliff Aversion Scheme

President Obama proposed a package of middle-class tax cuts and unempoyment benefits as a temporary solution to the looming ‘fiscal cliff.’ White House correspondent David Nakamura says Republicans may face pressure to pass the measure. Hope the pols have, at … Continue reading

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Ciao, Mario Monti!

This is not good.  Not totally unexpected.  Cue Italy and France in 2013.  Maybe. (click here if video is not observable)

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Back to Wartime Debt Levels

The IMF’s World Economic Outlook is out with some great charts and we post one of them right here. Last week the Fund’s managing director,  Christine Lagarde, issued a chilling warning on the global debt overhang, Ms Lagrde had earlier … Continue reading

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