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COTD: “Easy Financial Conditions”

You heard it here first, folks, in our July 16th post,  Market Liquidity Conditions Still Loose As A Goose. Here is Bloomberg on the easy money, Easier financial conditions affect the Fed in three ways. First, officials will associate them with … Continue reading

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QOTD: AI And China

China recognizes that AI will be critical to its future “comprehensive national power” – The Diplomat

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Dollar Index Spanked After FOMC – Nears Key Support

The Dollar Index was spanked today after what the market percieved as a dovish FOMC statement.    Kind of odd as early inflation indicators starting to pick up. We were expecting a short-term rally as everyone is long the euro/dollar pair, … Continue reading

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Caterpillar Beats For All The Right Reasons

Caterpillar, a bellwether for the global economy,   beat on both the top and bottom line for all the right reasons (increase in sales and revenues) with their earnings release this morning.  The stock is up over 5 percent at … Continue reading

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No Worries In The South Korean Markets

We have been writing a lot these days about how crude oil is not pricing any geopolitical risk of a very messy Middle East.  See here and here. That’s nothing, however,  compared to the performance of the South Korean stock … Continue reading

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Dollar Index & Mexican Peso Dancing To The Same Tune

What tune is that?   The Trump slump. Even though the Euro makes up almost 58 percent of the dollar index,  the dollar is going down  for the very same reasons the Mexican peso is going up.   The poor start … Continue reading

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COTD: Guess Who Is Growing And Who Is Not?

We will give you a hint: …credit is the mother’s milk of growth; without credit the economy cannot flourish. And credit cannot flow freely without a well-functioning financial system. – Mark Zandi But as Japan and the others illustrate, there’s … Continue reading

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US Sector ETF Performance – July 21

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Global Risk Monitor – July 21

Click on table to enlarge and for better resolution

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