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Sector ETF Performance – February 9


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Global Risk Monitor – February 9

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Just Another Day At The Office

Wola-freakin’-tility! The Dow traded in a 1,022 point, or 4.3 percent, intraday range today.  That is emerging market volatility, folks. What a close to an ugly week and a bookend win to the week for the bulls. Classic double bottom … Continue reading

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Watch These Spaces

It seems like an eternity since our January 28th Sunday night post, Watch This Space. The S&P500 had closed at the high of the day on Friday and also what was the high of 2018. We warned to watch the … Continue reading

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Fugly Trading Week

Drawdowns* Bitcoin: -58.3%Shanghai Comp: -13.2%China A Shares: -11.9%Nikkei 225: -12.6%Brazil: -11.6%Nasdaq: -10.4%S&P 500: -10.2%Mexico: -9.4%Russell 2000: -9.3%Oil: -9.2%EuroStoxx 600: -7.2%India: -5.5%Gold: -3.5%Euro: -2.1% *from recent highs, bloomberg data — Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) February 9, 2018

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The Only Dip To Buy Is A French Dip

Stunning to watch the financial pundits and the action of some investors with their reflexive buy the dip mentality after the massive volatility shock.  The S&P500 moves straight up for two years without a back-to-back 1/2 percent correction and then … Continue reading

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SPD To Get German Finance Ministry

Breaking. Angela Merkel has agreed with Social Democrats on a new coalition German government. Political leaders in Germany have reportedly reached a breakthrough in talks to form a new coalition government, following months of uncertainty after elections in September failed … Continue reading

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Tweet Of The Day: Turkey Investments

From @nntaleb ‘s Classic: "The Black Swan," a Turkey's life is much like many "safe" investments. (2) — Lawrence McDonald (@Convertbond) February 7, 2018

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QOTD: Soros On Volatility

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Start Of A Mean “Mean Reversion” In Stock Values?

Asset valuations, including stock prices, eventually revert to their long-term mean (average) valuation or at least attempt to if not interrupted by outside intervention, such as central banks.    It has been the major factor in the steep sell-off in … Continue reading

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