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COTD 2.0: Gross Public Debt – AEs vs EMs

(COTD = Chart of the Day) Advertisements

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COTD: Emerging Markets Are The Future

In case you missed it,  emerging market and developing economies, based on purchasing power partity international dollars, now exceed the advanced economies (AEs).  They crossed the Rubicon in 2007 and even excluding China will exceed in the AEs next year … Continue reading

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The Emerging Markets 30-30 Club

Demographics are destiny and increasingly becoming  the defining narrative of the global economy.   Japan’s aging population is blamed for much of the country’s economic woes.   Doomsters predict economic Armageddon as the world goes gray. We put together a nice data … Continue reading

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Shanghai Breakout

Man, emerging market equities are in total beast mode. The emerging markets index MSCI Ishares ETF (EEM) is up almost 30 percent on the year.  Turkey and Argentian up almost 40 percent.  India,  Brazil, and Korea almost 20 percent. Emerging … Continue reading

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The Gold-Bond Correlation And Other Macro Observations

We have posted several pieces over this year noting the high correlation of gold and 10-year bond futures. See here, here and here. Here is how the gold ETF (GLD) and the Treasury ETF (TLT) have moved together over various … Continue reading

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Week in Review – August 18

Stock Indices Argentina stocks up big after the ruling coalition did better than expected in primary legislative elections last Sunday.  Emerging markets generally better bid than DMs.   Europe traded better as it looks the mighty Euro is taking a rest … Continue reading

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Emerging ‘earthquake’? – FT

An earthquake is approaching in emerging markets, according to Alberto Gallo, head of macro credit research at RBS. He explains to the FT’s capital markets editor, Dan McCrum, his worries and why Brazil is one of the most exposed countries. … Continue reading

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Who is most exposed to China slowdown? – FT

The countries most exposed to China’s slowing economy are not necessarily those you’d expect. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, global market strategist with JPMorgan Investment Bank, talks to the FT’s capital markets editor Dan McCrum about the banking, investment and trade links that … Continue reading

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Emerging markets risky but no implosion – FT

Falling commodity prices, large current account deficits and politics are three problems undermining emerging markets. James Mackintosh, investment editor, on which countries are most at risk and whether for investors it’s a risk worth taking. For more video content from … Continue reading

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