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QOTD 2.0: More Inflation Cometh

The question is:  Has the aircraft carrier of rising global inflation finally left port? Big fiscal stimulus planned in U.S. with labor shortages.  Hmm….  And tariffs on imports increasing. Even China has reversed its deflationary forces. You know when aircraft … Continue reading

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QOTD: Inflation Cometh

The key takeaway from this morning’s punk GDP report: Meanwhile, Inflation advanced at a 2.4% annual pace in the first quarter, according to the personal-consumption expenditures, or PCE index. The PCE index–the preferred inflation gauge of the Federal Reserve–easily topped … Continue reading

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Inflation Runs Hot, Hot, Hot

CPI out this morning,  up 0.6 percent for January, more than double the 0.3 percent that was expected.  The hottest number since February 2013.  The main culprit was the rise in the cost of gasoline, which accounted for half the … Continue reading

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Gold Still Tracking Bonds

We posted last week the correlation of the bond and gold.  Some argue gold has been rallying as a hedge against inflation or inversely with the dollar.   Don’t think so and not yet on the inflation hedge. Gold is moody … Continue reading

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How to Become a Trillionaire and Other Thoughts

Grab one of these: Careful what you wish for central bankers and fiscal policy makers.  Though we don’t see signs of “rollover risk” in any of the G5 or G20, it’s all about confidence and you know what Joe said about … Continue reading

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The Fed on Food Stamps

Wow!   The food stamp program is now equivalent to 14 percent of all U.S. grocery store sales. Though the Fed indirectly finances the food stamp program with its purchase of treasury securities — $45 billion per month starting in January … Continue reading

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China Inflation at 29-month Low

Bloomberg reports, China’s consumer-price inflation eased to a 29-month low in June, giving Premier Wen Jiabao more room to relax economic policies after the second interest-rate cut in a month. The consumer price index rose 2.2 percent from a year … Continue reading

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Where The Inflating Things Are

On the eve of the Fed’s FOMC two-day meeting we thought this chart illustrating what is inflating in the U.S. consumer basket very relevant.   Don’t see much deflation x/ energy and the core CPI (x/ food and energy) remains stuck … Continue reading

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Inflation Convergence and Real Earnings

The BLS chart clearly illustrates the convergence of core (x/ food and energy) inflation and all items.   Core inflation is up 2.3 percent y/y, which is a little hot given its recent history.  Here’s the BLS commentary, The index … Continue reading

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Is Inflation Driving the U.S. Wealth/Income Gap?

The bears video got us motivated to put together a chart of the S&P500 and gas prices over the past year.   It’s stunning, though not surprising, to see how both series move together.   The two charts below help explain a … Continue reading

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