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Did Janet Yellen Hear Us?

In our piece, Reflexivity And Why The Fed Must Sell The Long End, posted on June 13th,  we warned of the dangers of a flattening yield curve based on distorted interest rates due to QE. ..some still look to the badly distorted bond … Continue reading

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TOTD: Today’s Rare Market Feat

This would be the 4th time in 20 years that stocks, bonds and gold all up by > 0.25% on the Fed Chair’s semi-annual testimony.  – Sentimen Trader (TOTD = Table of the Day)

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Gary Cohn As Next Fed Chairman?

Politico out with a piece tonight citing souces that National Economic Council Director and Goldman alum, Gary Cohn, is the leading contender to replace Janet Yellen next January.    Interesting timing as it comes on the eve of Janet Yellen’s two-day … Continue reading

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Janet Yellen’s Inner Circle – ReutersTV

As Janet Yellen faces Congress for the first time as Fed chair, here’s a look at her inner circle – four trusted advisers who have her ear and whose public words will closely align with her own thinking. – ReutersTV … Continue reading

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Yellen’s deflationary challenge – FT

Tomorrow is a big day for the new Fed Chair. Janet Yellen, the new Federal Reserve board chair who gives testimony to Congress on Tuesday, may need to address deflation risks, says US markets editor Michael Mackenzie. He also discusses … Continue reading

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The Sixteen Trillion Dollar Woman

Click here for story. (click here if picture is not observable)

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Inside Janet Yellen’s brain – Reuters TV

As President Obama considers the Federal Reserve vice chair for the central bank’s top position, researcher Aaron Menenberg uses what Janet Yellen says to develop a psychological profile. (August 30th, 2013) – Reuters TV (click here if video is not … Continue reading

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Bernanke & Data Disappoint Goldbugs

You can see from the chart that gold starting selling off right around the release of the Beige Book yesterday, “Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest overall economic activity expanded at a moderate pace during the reporting period … Continue reading

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