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QOTD: Sheep Logic

Active central bank Narrative construction in the service of their policy goals is a permanent change in our market dynamics.  – Ben Hunt, Epsilon Theory Advertisements

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Fed Day With Extremely Loose Financial Conditions

Today is the day,  folks. The consensus is the Fed announces the start of quantitative tightening (QT).   History in the making. Draining Liquidity Though monetary tightening officially began in December 2015,  this will be the first time the Fed drains … Continue reading

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Super Mario’s Problem In One Picture

File under “Kafkaesque Markets.” Source:  MacroTourist

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The Gold-Bond Correlation And Other Macro Observations

We have posted several pieces over this year noting the high correlation of gold and 10-year bond futures. See here, here and here. Here is how the gold ETF (GLD) and the Treasury ETF (TLT) have moved together over various … Continue reading

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Speech By Mario Draghi At Jackson Hole

Sustaining openness in a dynamic global economy Speech by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, at the Economic Policy Symposium of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Jackson Hole, 25 August 201 The global recovery is firming up. In … Continue reading

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Jackson Hole Schedule

Note,  mountain time —  add two hours for NY time.   No expectations of policy from Yelen or Draghi.  Nothing priced.  Either a big yawn or big market move. Source:  Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank

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Debate Within The FOMC: Bubblistas v. Efficient Marketistas?

We have finally made the time to more closely review the release of last week’s Fed minutes from the July 25-26 meeting.   We kind of like what we see. Debate Breaking Out Among FOMC Members? A debate appears to breaking … Continue reading

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COTD: “Easy Financial Conditions”

You heard it here first, folks, in our July 16th post,  Market Liquidity Conditions Still Loose As A Goose. Here is Bloomberg on the easy money, Easier financial conditions affect the Fed in three ways. First, officials will associate them with … Continue reading

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This Rhyme Is Different: Base Money > M1

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” –  Mark Twain (maybe) We have been speaking a lot about how the liquidity in the market today is different than in the past.   The chart below reflects this better than … Continue reading

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Did Janet Yellen Hear Us?

In our piece, Reflexivity And Why The Fed Must Sell The Long End, posted on June 13th,  we warned of the dangers of a flattening yield curve based on distorted interest rates due to QE. ..some still look to the badly distorted bond … Continue reading

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