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China pumps up liquidity – FT

Worries over China’s economy pushed shares into bear territory last week, prompting more liquidity from the People’s Bank and fresh market volatility. Diana Choyleva, chief economist at Lombard Street Research, explains to the FT’s John Authers why China is taking … Continue reading

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Draghi confident on inflation and growth – FT

The European Central Bank’s president Mario Draghi announced the quantitative easing programme will start on Monday. The FT’s Ferdinando Giugliano and Ralph Atkins discuss what securities the ECB will be buying, and its growth and inflation outlook. For more video … Continue reading

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Money with no middleman – Economist

This animation explores bitcoin and its potential impact on the financial services industry. – Economist (click here if video is not observable)

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Is patience a virtue? – FT

The Federal Reserve’s latest statement on monetary policy left the central banks options open on an interest rate rise later this year. The FT’s John Authers suggests that international developments may force the Fed to be more patient. Click here … Continue reading

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The benefits of getting rid of cash – Economist

The Economist explains: technology like digital wallets and electronic payments are becoming more accessible. So do we even need coins and notes any more? For more video content from The Economist visit our website: http://econ.st/1vJDt98   (click here if video … Continue reading

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The ascent of the hawks at the Fed? – FT

As the US labour market recovers, should investors brace themselves for an earlier rate rise? Gavyn Davies, chairman of Fulcrum Asset Management, explains to FT global economy news editor Ferdinando Giugliano why the Fed is unlikely to change its course … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of Monetary Tightening

Interesting piece in the World Economics Association’s  Real World Economic Review on some of the difficulties the Fed faces when it begins tightening monetary policy.   They point out the policy contradiction that paying interest on excess reserves is an injection … Continue reading

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Reverse Repo in 60 seconds – FT

The cost of Fed liquidity is supposed to influence rates across the board, including those charged to the non-bank sector. However, since the crisis, private collateral rates have not always followed suit. The Fed Reverse Repo facility aims to change … Continue reading

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China’s monetary policy – FT

Easy monetary policy would support growth, but many of the problems in the Chinese economy are the result of too much credit. The FT’s Jamil Anderlini looks at what the People’s Bank of China is doing to keep the economy … Continue reading

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Has Draghi opened the floodgates? – FT

Mario Draghi is tackling the dearth of small business loans with €400bn of cheap long-term loans, TLTROs. William De Vijlder of BNP Paribas Investment Partners discusses with John Authers whether this will open the floodgates or lead to stagnant water … Continue reading

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